What’s the most mouth-watering, happy mouth feel you get after eating certain foods?

A happy fat mouth is a mouth that just devoured a perfectly cooked steak in butter or slices of an avocado that has been drenched in olive oil or a decadent piece of full fat cheese or freshly cracked open walnuts.

Fat – healthy, saturated fat – makes food taste GREAT! And because of modern, good scientific research, we now know that healthy fat is good for us. In fact, our brains are 60-70% made of fat so your brain REALLY likes this stuff. So does your heart, even if you have an out-of-date medical doctor who tries to scare you otherwise. Saturated fats also help keep your blood stable. It keeps you satiated so you aren’t hungry for a bag of high carb chips - -you really can leave them on the grocery aisle and never miss them.

This page is not an exact Keto way of eating. It is Keto-ish. This page is not one made for shaming you if you eat more than 20 carbs a day. In fact, while we think Keto is a fantastically healthy way to eat for many people, it's not for everyone. It's hard with a modern, go-go-go lifestyle we all have to eat a mere 20 carbs a day. It may not even be medically necessary to achieve good health on that level of good carbs. We promote a low-to-no sugar, high saturated fat, delicious protein, and a low, healthy carb way of eating. We want to keep it real and realistic all while being healthy.

We invite you to go with us on a journey to explore a high fat/low carb/delicious protein way of life that will restore your health, vigor and create a very happy brain indeed. Along the way, our founder Annie Phenix will use her award-winning writing skills to share laughter, joy, sisterhood, ups and downs as well as direct anger at the poor health epidemic caused by government and big food bad advice. Annie also writes with out right pure sass from a woman who never listened to the male-run world. Annie pulled up a chair and sat right down at the table of life, never waiting to be given a formal invitation. Now she shares that table with all of you.

NOTE: Information posted to Happy Fat Mouth is not intended to be medical advice. Please consult with a qualified medical doctor or nurse practitioner for medical advise. We highly recommend functional medicine practitioners. Happy Fat Mouth posts are for educational purposes.