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I’m a Certified Keto-Adapted Health Coach. You can learn more about me from my website Happy Fat Mouth.

I’ve been a professional dog trainer for 20 years specializing in behavior cases. I’ve routinely dive deep into the science of behavior for a species that cannot talk. I’ve recently become a Keto Coach after watching too many loved ones suffering with horrific, chronic health diseases. Believe me, there are many similarities between humans and dogs. Sometimes changing canine behavior is so much easier than trying to change human behavior!

My lovely Border Collie siblings Echo and Radar. I make their keto meals every day!

I want to talk about a behavior concept that exists in both canines and humans. It’s called “learned helplessness.” Are you familiar with it? Here is an excellent blog from a qualified, educated dog trainer about what learned helplessness looks like in a dog. In short, it means a dog has learned there is nothing they can do to change the outcome of a scary experience so they become resigned to it — they don’t fight it or try to escape it. (It was discovered by harming dogs in barbaric, sadistic lab experiments so please be warned if you look into the unnecessary and cruel experimentation.)

Do humans experience ‘learned helplessness?”

You bet they do.

One place I see it often is with those who are dealing with chronic diseases. I empathize with people in pain, whether it is mental pain or physical as I, too, had a chronic health issue that once kept me bedridden. There are some medical conditions that modern medicine does not seem adept at helping but it is my belief that those are few and far between. I understand how feeling like hell over months and years can lead a human into a state of learned helplessness. It doesn’t help when a medical professionals, family member or uninformed health writers make statements about chronic conditions such as “this is just how your life is now” or “there is nothing more we can do to help you,” or “stay on XXX medication the rest of your life.”

I agree with Dr. Mark Hyman who has said “if you are alive, there is hope.” Hope for healing, hope for improvement and hope for a better day. However, we don’t heal on hope alone.

If there is something out there on the horizon that really could improve your chronic health condition, wouldn’t you want to know about?

There is something that sounds magical but is actually healing for so many chronic conditions¬† — it’s a well-formulated ketogenic diet. When you remove processed foods, most carbs, all forms of sugar, all seed oils and you begin to eat fresh, whole, home-made meals, miracles can and do occur.

I wanted to share just a few human healing miracles created by going keto:

  • A woman who goes by the handle SeizureSalad on Twitter shares her story of 30 years of intractable epilepsy (and surviving cancer) that was stopped in its tracks after she began to eat a ketogenic diet. She is off of all seizure medications for the first time in her life. She now walks 20 miles a day! She literally healed herself. She has been seizure free for two years. If SeizureSalad had not tried keto and has continued to listen to top MDs about her condition, she would still be heavily medicated and she would still be having seizures.
  • A women named Nina got coaching through Virta Health and was able to halt her normal three-times-a-day insulin injections for her Type 2 Diabetes. Over 30 years, she became sicker and sicker. She had a heart attack at age 45 an EIGHT heart stents put in. By going ketogenic, Nina got her life back, as well as the energy she wanted to enjoy her grandchildren. She’s been eating this way for three years and keeps on getting fantastic health results. The medical community has insisted for decades that Type 2 Diabetes is not curable or reversible. How does that square with the thousands of people who are doing just that with a proper diet?
  • Dr. Terry Wahls was given a diagnosis years ago of progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She was in a wheel chair. She now walks without a cane and has completed an 18-mile bicycle trip. She has created her own healthy way of eating known as The Wahls Protocol. She now helps others re-gain their health. People who have MS are told it is not curable but what to do about the incredible Dr. Terry Wahls?
  • More and more studies are showing that a ketogenic diet can and does provide mental health benefit for all stages of dementia and Alzheimers. Here’s just one recent article. Amazing isn’t it that up-to-date medical professionals and even lay people are seeing results with Alzheimers! Why isn’t this front page news everywhere? Could it be that Big Pharma and the big food industry will be left out of making any money from sick patients if people can help themselves with a proper diet?

We are different from dogs and other animals in that we can read and we can ask others for help. We can educate ourselves. And now thanks to low carb/high fat diets, we really do have the power to begin healing ourselves.

Isn’t the ketogenic diet worth a try?

The alternative is to keep doing what you are doing now with the belief that nothing can change¬† —¬† giving in to learned helplessness.

There are other options that literally can save your life.


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