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What to Do About Sugar Cravings

I am a Certified Keto-Adapted Health Coach. I’ve been keto for years and I reversed my pre-diabetic state and I fixed my husband’s Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. I’ve lost and kept off 4o pounds. How can I help you? Visit my website for more info: Happy Fat Mouth.

The thought of NEVER consuming a product with sugar in it again can drive some people to the brink of madness!! Many cannot even force themselves to imagine living without sugar. Beyond being brain addictive, sugar is everywhere and it is especially found in processed foods such as cookies and cakes but it’s also in places you might not expect it such as in pasta sauces, salad dressings and yogurt.

Sugar poisons your body from the inside out keto ketogenic heathy food

Sugar poisons you from the inside out

Sugar plus carbs and bad fats have a hand in most every chronic disease.

Not only is sugar in nearly 75% of all processed foods, the sneaky bastards have invented more than 60 different names for sugar.

It is estimated that Americans consume 57 pounds a year of added sugar. That’s a toddler’s size person made of sugar living in you!

This is why keto gurus beg you to shop the perimeters of the grocery store where the fresh stuff is. If you sit back and think about how we live our lives, we arrange ourselves around sugar. We get tons of it in the womb as most moms eat a Standard American Diet that is loaded with bad fats, starches and sugar, sugar, sugar. If a baby is fed formula – more sugar.

Then comes the birthday parties that are literally all about cakes. Don’t forget Halloween, which I think should be renamed “Diabetic Eve.”

Then there are pies galore for Thanksgiving and homemade cookies for Christmas and don’t forget New Year’s Eve celebrations.

And then we start all over again every January with a small break from national celebrations but there are always birthday parties, weddings, funerals and the like to attend. Oh wait!! Don’t look now, here comes Valentine’s Day! Then comes Easter that is all about finding hidden sugar candy.

Even if the holidays weren’t excuses these days for the sugar industry to sell their poison, so many young kids start their day with sugar infused cereals, pop tarts and other processed gobbeldy gook that spikes their blood sugar first thing in the morning.

Think about school lunches and their policies such as “ketchup counts as a vegetable” nonsense. When kids get home from school, they snack. Even if Mom and Dad think they are eating healthy snacks, 95% of the time it is not healthy but it has been sold to the consumer as health food, such as bananas or granola bars.

Then comes dinner that is most likely highly processed and do not forget the bedtime snack! Even when we are out and about driving to places, crap food is available nearly every where and for all 24 hours a day.

I am often amazed that every single child out there does not have Type 2 Diabetes. We are seeing more and more very young children have insulin resistant health issues and it is a crises. I am exhausted just thinking about the sugar mind fields that parents and kids have to maneuver through these days.

Because sugar is so addictive and because it harms your liver and sky jacks your glucose and insulin, you are always crashing hard and getting “hangry” and then naturally the quickest thing to do is reach for more carbs and sugar.

Halloween candy is unhealthy for you

I propose we re-name Halloween to “Diabetic Eve.”

I propose we rename Halloween to “Diabetic Eve.”

It is a vicious, life-stealing cycle. If you are caught in this on-purpose addiction, you are far from being alone.

The good news is is that there are some excellent ways to reduce your addiction and give you strength in winning this battle. When we hear of friends or family members going to re-hab for an alcohol or drug addiction, we generally don’t judge that person and often congratulate them for taking control of their problem and getting professional help.

There are no dedicated re-hab centers for sugar addicts. They could be as prevalent as Starbucks and they should be. We should have Sugar-ologists trained in helping you get off this white devil substance.

We don’t have that but we do have educated people like me who are also former sugar addicts who can help enormously. Entire books have been written about sugar addiction so while my newsletter can’t solve this for you in this short space, I can give you helpful tools to begin your battle.

I am also available for one-on-coaching.

Take the War on Sugar Seriously

Take your war on sugar seriously. You will not beat a sugar addiction by piddling about. THIS IS WAR.

The War on Sugar is real and needs to be treated with all seriousness.

Start off by understanding that sugar addiction is a serious concern. It is ruining your health slowly but surely from the inside.

Excess sugar (especially combined with bad fats, lots of carbs and seed oils) plays a hand in every chronic condition. You will not win this fight by approaching this in a half-assed manner.

Consider it your #1 priority as it has reached emergency status. I assure you that you cannot beat sugar just by piddling about.

This. Is. War. You have two things internally that we need to shore up to help you win this fight:  your brain and your blood sugar levels.

Your brain is the fattiest organ as it is made up of 60% fat. Your brain either runs on glucose or ketones. Most of us are flooding our biggest asset with tons of sugar and starch every day.

In my last newsletter, I wrote about Alzheimer’s Disease and the modern scientific conclusion that insulin resistance plays a major role. Insulin works together with glucagon to regulate your blood sugar levels. These two work together to create a state of homeostasis in which your body remains steady.

Our modern diet is wrecking that homeostasis.

Begin your sugar battle by feeding your power house brain with A LOT more healthy saturated fat (no it will not give you a heart attack! That is very old and wrong information).

A well formulated ketogenic diet is one that provides good fat as your primary source of energy. This means you need to get 60-70% of your daily intake from healthy fat. To most on the Standard American Diet (SAD), this will feel like a HUGE amount of fat and it flies smack in the face of every lie we have been told by Big Food the past 50 years.

Saturated fat will not mess with your blood sugar or your insulin. It helps maintain that homeostasis, so Step One is to increase saturated fat with daily bacon, cooking with avocado or coconut oil, eating avocados and consuming a lot of dairy (if it doesn’t upset your GI tract), nuts and fatty meat and fish.

Reduce grain, sugar and starch. Funny that we can always eat dessert even when stuffed but we can’t eat stuff down another steak.

When a sugar craving hits you, go first for something fatty and sit with it for awhile and see if that satiates the urge. You can also make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea as often sipping something warm kills the sugar craving.

Happy Fat Mouth ketogenic diet healthy food steaks

A ketogenic diet is healthy, satiating and delicious. Each meal leaves your mouth happy!

It is nearly impossible to overeat healthy fats!

Step Two is to understand what unstable blood sugar is doing to you. It makes you anxious, depressed, worried and unwell. It makes you angry and hangry. It limits your ability to look out for yourself in a calm manner and it stops you from making wise choices for YOU.

Reducing and then eliminating sugar and starches gives you back that long-sought after sense of peace and calm no matter how stressful your daily life is or how messed up the world at large is. Increasing saturated fat and protein will help you enormously. Once you have tamed the sugar beast, you can then go about finding the right amount of protein and fat for your body.

With very few exceptions, people I consult with trying to get off of sugar are NOT getting enough fat or protein. They just aren’t and then it’s all too easy to quit and say that keto didn’t work for them. Done correctly, it works.

You can also these helpful sugar-busting tools one at a time for 10 days to a month. That way you will know which one is truly helpful to you.

Also please DO consult with a well-educated medical professional before adding supplements and research them if you are on medications. I cannot stress enough how much targeted supplements will help you.

  • zinc (not more than 40 mg a day/take with food)
  •  Vitamin E (15 mg a day)
  •  500 mgs of L-Glutamine every day
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (600 mgs for three weeks)
  • L-Glutamine (5 grams per day)
  • Chromium (200 mcg once a day)
  • Vitamin B (check levels first with a lab test)
  • Lipase (with meals)
  • L-carnosine (500-1000 mg 1-2 times daily)

There have been countless, excellent books written on this topic. Here are some suggestions — arm yourself with knowledge! The Mood Cure by Julia Ross Dr Mark Hyman’s The Blood Sugar Solution The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes The Real Truth About Sugar by Dr. Robert Lustig

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