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Welcome to the new, weekly newsletter that is devoted to sharing a healthy lifestyle based on a well-formulated ketogenic diet — as well as information on other high quality nutrition ways of eating such as carnivore, Paleo, LCHF and others. The difference I bring to your table each week is 20-years of study of health and nutrition that I share from the experience and perspective of a professional journalist and author. I had to dig deep to learn what truly is healthy as my own health was so bad in 2005 that I was nearly bedridden (more on that in future newsletters). I am a Certified Keto-Adapted Coach through the best of the best in the world of keto: Maria and Craig Emmerich. I looked for the smartest people in the industry and the Emmerichs have been living this way successfully for 20 years. They are the real deal.

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Each week I will bring you such topics as these:

  • the most up-to-date health news
  • my favorite recipes
  • foodie photos of what’s being created in my kitchen
  • newbie tips
  • hard-to-find tasty bread and dessert recipes
  • holiday and seasonal recipes (with photos!)
  • best keto “finds” on the market
  • meal prep ideas
  • weekly menu suggestions
  • what to eat in restaurants
  • keto traps to avoid
  • keto for kids
  • my favorite keto experts
  • fun giveaways
  • and more!

If you are new to the world of keto or if you are an experienced ketonian, I will provide news and information you can use to transform your knowledge and your life.

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