By Annie Phenix
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The Ketogenic Diet Is About Way More Than Food

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I consider myself to be a bright individual but it still took me into my late 40’s to GET what Rachel Ray meant when she said: “Food is a hug.” My family of origin didn’t hug one another. We didn’t say we loved one another. And the food in our house was utter carb-age that was sugar-loaded, pre-made, processed crap: moldy bread, pizza delivery most nights and nobody but nobody looked out for one another.

The message I received from the lack of quality food is that I did not matter. It takes decades to learn to love oneself and others after growing up in a household where vulnerability meant you were the weak one.

It is interesting to me that some families inherently understand that food is love. If you have that kind of family, you are blessed. I wasn’t so blessed but luckily I caught up to this idea later in life. Bad food and no love nearly killed me but now I am thriving, and I owe it to the ketogenic diet and to those gurus who have been preaching this way of living for the past decade.

Why is the ketogenic diet incredibly healing beyond the incredibly tasty whole, fresh food it provides?

Because when you choose keto, you are saying to yourself and to the world that YOU matter.

Your health matters.

Your life matters.

Your well-being matters.

Your happiness matters.

When you decide you are worth self-care and you choose keto, you are going against the crowd. You are willing to research and understand why this way of eating is so healing. You are no longer willing to be mis-informed by out-of-date doctors. You find the backbone to tell your family who doubt you to stuff it.

You finally put you first.

My heart aches for women who are told they are not supposed to put themselves first.

This is a lie.

It is a convenient lie that keeps women exhausted and serving all those around them, at least until they at last grind both end of the candles into dust and find themselves exhausted nearly beyond repair.

Ask the women in your life if they are tired.

I can assure you they are tired.

The truth is that you DO have to put on your own oxygen mask first.

The truth is that women are incredibly strong but even the strongest among us have a breaking point.

I marvel at the women in my life who are mothers, work full time jobs and still come home to clean the house, do the laundry and make warm meals for their families day in and day out that assure all the family members they are loved.

It’s not right to ask one member of the family to be responsible to creating the feeling of love and nurture because that is too great of a burden for one family member.

You will burn out your greatest light that way. And then what?

The great news is that when you do decide you are worth self-care, keto is here both in the form of excellent, health-creating meals but also in the form of a strong, supportive, loving community.

You deserve that love and support.

You really, really, really do.

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