By Annie Phenix
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Who Would You Be If You Felt Well?

I’m a Certified Keto-Adapted Health Coach on Day 13 of Maria Emmerich’s 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse. You can learn more about me from my website Happy Fat Mouth.

I personally related to the #Metoo Movement. I have my own frightening stories of men behaving terribly but I will save those for another time. Today I want to talk about a piercing sentence that often accompanies true #Metoo stories and that is this:  Who would she have been but for the trauma?

30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse

Maria Emmerich’s book has elevated my healing in very way. It will do the same for you.

Our culture is extremely harsh towards women. So many of us have to try to somehow get beyond an attack, attempted rape and the constant harassment just for being female. So often we turn to food to soothe our real emotional pain. Then we are set up for a lifetime loop of emotional pain temporarily made better by absolute garbage food like Twinkies, soft drinks, cookies, cakes and potato chips. Here is a good article on how trauma impacts your body.

Here’s an important article with 21 common reactions to trauma from the magazine Psychology Today. What happened to you can definitely have life-long implications. I mourn my own lost decades trying to heal as well as those lost years of so many women.  I often say to myself: “who would I have been but for the trauma?”

Most news article about trauma look at healing psychologically, and that makes sense. Indeed, you must climb the emotional mountains of pain and reach out a hand to your self. But what if you are too physically exhausted and have no strength to help yourself? What if the Standard American Diet (SAD) worked hard against you and robbed you of your spirit? How do you stop a tornado of bad health when you are in the vortex eating all the things you were lied to about and told where healthy, such as the ludicrous “low fat” idea?

The brain and the body work together, or do when your health is optimal. Your brain is like a muscle and it needs certain nutrients to function at top speed. It’s also an energy hog and will take what it needs from what you feed it. The brain is made up of 60-70% fat. If you take care of your brain, it will take care of you. Most American brains are running poorly on glucose. Expert nutritionist Amy Berger says this in her book, The Alzheimer’s Antidote: “We have established that the fundamental cause of Alzheimer’s is the death or deterioration of brain cells resulting from their inability to metabolize glucose.” In other words, your brain functions best on an alternative source of energy and that source is ketones. What puts your body and brain into a state of ketosis? The ketogenic diet, of course. What pushes your brain into disease? One big cause is the Standard American Diet. It is not a health-inducing way to eat. It just isn’t.

Not only does your brain begin to steady itself when it converts to using ketones, so does your blood sugar. Living with dramatic ups and downs all day in your blood sugar caused by eating all the wrong things (SAD diet) creates dramatic people. Unstable blood sugar causes a world of emotional responses that are not positive or healing to you, the very least of which is that mean and panicky feeling of being “hangry.” I am never “hangry” on the keto diet. My blood sugar stays calm and so I stay calm as well. I function in all ways better on keto, and especially emotionally as the keto diet has given me back to myself. I am finally who I was meant to be because I healed my physical brain and my body. I’ve also done enormous amounts of emotional healing, too. However, I never felt optimal or that my body and mind were working together until I dumped sugar and carbs. Yes, it can be that simple. At the very least, eliminating sugar and reducing carbs while eating whole, fresh foods will not hurt you. It will improve your lab results, your waistline and most likely, your mental health.

I mourn for all of my exhausted women friends who some days don’t have the energy to crawl out of bed. Somehow, day after day, they do that though as they have children and loved ones depending on them.

Who would these women be if the SAD diet had not spent decades stealing their energy and making them very sick?

An example of the Standard American Diet — this is not healthy brain food.

In a perfect world, I would ask psychologists to include a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet for anyone suffering emotional stress. Our brains need to run on the best fuel possible and that fuel is certainly not carbohydrates or sugar and it won’t be found be by eating the SAD diet. Yes, people still must do the emotional heavy lifting to heal, but they give themselves both a head start and a sense of peace when they provide themselves with proper fuel.

I feel optimal in my own life because of the keto way of eating. I do not feel I am deprived as the food is amazing! One of the best things I’ve done for myself is to go through Maria Emmerich’s 30 Day Cleanse program. I have been keto for two years prior to this month’s challenge but I stalled on weight loss and found myself reaching for carbs in times of stress. This cleanse has boosted my inner healing to an even higher status. Keto gave me back my true self and is busy erasing all the harm created in my by eating the SAD diet.

I wish the same for all the women in the world as we are the backbone of families.



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Here are my starting numbers I will update the carb count at the end of the day. I am highlighting the carb count as that is what I am most interested in reducing right now:

Starting Weight: 170 pounds
Weight Day 13: 160 pounds (10 pounds lost over the first 9 days!)
30 Day Keto Challenge Goal Weight: 160
Ultimate Goal Weight: 150 Pounds


Height: 5’8
Waist: (Started at 38 inches) 35 inches
Chest: 41 inches
Hips: 41 inches

Day Eleven:

Carb count:       carbs

  • 8 carbs keto chili
  • 3 mushrooms and bacon