By Annie Phenix
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Even Keto Coaches Can Get Tricked by Carbs

I’m a Certified Keto-Adapted Health Coach on Day 12 of Maria Emmerich’s 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse. You can learn more about me from my website Happy Fat Mouth.

If you heard a loud, distressing noise in Utah earlier today, it wasn’t an earthquake; it was my primal scream when I bothered to look at the carb count of my favorite occasional “keto safe” drink. I screamed so loud I thought I caused an earthquake in my own house!

30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse

It is maddening to think you have examined every single thing you are consuming to ferret out hidden carbs and then you discover one of your favorite drinks has 9 carbs in it! If you are on a ketogenic diet, the goal every day is no more than 20 carbs and 9 unsuspected carbs is A LOT especially when it comes from a drink and not from good food. My dastardly drink of choice WAS a Bai drink. I have enjoyed regular Bai drinks off and on for awhile as the entire bottle contains two carbs. It does have some sugar but that’s why I didn’t drink it all the time. When Bai came out with “sparkling drinks,” I did a big keto no-no and didn’t turn the can around to review the carb count. Big mistake!

The next “keto blooper” was to not thoroughly exam my vitamins and supplements. I hate to swallow pills so most of mine are in liquid form. I did check those and they have no sugar or carbs. Why didn’t I bother to check my yummo chewable Vit. C tablets? They have 3 carbs a piece. If you are counting every carb, you want to count correctly and honestly. Three carbs may not seem much to the average eater but it is a lot to a low-carb eater. It’s a waste of carbs, actually.

Be sure to look at the carb and sugar count of everything you drink or eat, including vitamins and supplements.

I also sure did enjoy my elderberry gummies! I got them when my husband, Jeff, caught the latest cold going around the office as I am NOT a good sick individual. I make Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper’s whiny sick days look easy! I rarely get sick but when I do, I’m usually pretty sick. I do everything I can to stay healthy and well, starting with my ketogenic diet. I wash my hands like it’s nobody’s business all day, every day. I use the wipes at the front of the grocery store to wipe down the grocery cart handle. If someone sneezes or coughs in public I … well, I RUN in the other direction. I don’t mean to appear rude but I go to great lengths to stay well. So when I started reading about how bad the flu season was this year and then I learned about elderberry, I went for it. I LOVED the gummies! Quite tasty! They taste like the real gummie bears, which should have been a tip off. They have 3 grams of carbs and 2 grams of sugar.

If I am eating my normal low-carb daily menus then a few extra carbs here and there aren’t the end of the world. But right now I am doing a month-long specific program through Maria Emmerich’s 30 day cleanse book. I’ve dropped 10 pounds in the first two weeks, which is outstanding! However, I have been stuck at exactly 160.8 pounds for three days. What gives? Probably these extra hidden little sneaky carbs. I re-checked everything I am eating and drinking during the day and we’ll see what tomorrow brings weight wise. The lesson (re)-learned is to check everything for its sugar and carb content. I do mean everything!

I have forgiven myself for these small errors. It doesn’t do anyone any good at all to berate oneself. I am not perfect as there are no perfect human beings anywhere. I learned a lesson and moving forward I won’t make these mistakes again. Keto on and read every label!

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Here are my starting numbers I will update the carb count at the end of the day. I am highlighting the carb count as that is what I am most interested in reducing right now:

Starting Weight: 170 pounds
Weight Day 12: 160 pounds (10 pounds lost over the first 9 days!)
30 Day Keto Challenge Goal Weight: 160
Ultimate Goal Weight: 150 Pounds


Height: 5’8
Waist: (Started at 38 inches) 35 inches
Chest: 41 inches
Hips: 41 inches

Day Eleven:

Carb count:      30 carbs

  • 8 carbs keto chili
  • 6 carbs celery
  • 2 carbs Kite Hill cream cheese
  • 2 carbs peanuts (not recommended)
  • 6 carbs mug cake cooked mushrooms