Nearly everyone could benefit from an experienced, practical and knowledgeable health coach these days, and especially those interested in a LCHF/Keto lifestyle. Keto is the most searched for diet word online and that popularity is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing as more and more people are taking control of their health and learning what truly is nutritious food. It's also a curse to be popular because there is so much bone-headed and incorrect information floating around online. Annie Phenix is here to cut through the clutter and share with you -- and guide you - through the maze that is the current state of the Keto-sphere.

So many of us have been let down -- some even greatly damaged -- by the lack of healthy food knowledge in our so-called "health care" system. Let Annie take away the worry about what to eat and replace that worry with healthy, delicious, real food.

Available Coaching Packages

One-on-one Coaching Package

$250 per month

Certified Keto Coach badge


  • Four (once a week) private one-hour video consults;
  • Weekly meal plan;
  • Review of macros;
  • Educational information on important lab tests;
  • Suggested supplements tailored to your needs;
  • Pantry clean out suggestions;
  • Grocery shopping list;
  • 24-hour email support;
  • One-on-one trouble shooting;
  • Private emailed nutrition news and advice from top experts around the globe.


Skype or Facetime Consultations

$85 per hour

Certified Keto Coach badge


  • Personalized coaching tailored to your specific needs and goals;
  • In-depth diet changes tailored to your needs and goals;
  • One-on-one troubleshooting;
  • Email support.


On-site, In-Person Local Coaching

$75 per week

Certified Keto Coach badge


  • Pantry clean out;
  • One grocery shopping trip together;
  • Cooking two Keto meals together;
  • Weekly meal plans;
  • 24-hour email support.

Available in these Utah cities:  Heber City, Provo, Park City and Salt Lake City (with additional $25 travel fee). Also available in Colorado — ask me for details! 


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